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Feb 16



HTTrack (or WinHTTrack, as the Windows version is known), is a free software offline browser. That is to say, it downloads a website to your hard drive, adjusts all the links so it doesn’t need the web server, and lets you view it offline.

Feb 15



If you’ve ever tried to safely remove a USB flash drive and been told it’s in use, you’ll know how frustrating that message can be. Short of turning off the PC, or pulling the drive out anyway and risking losing everything on it, you’ll need Unlocker.

Dec 17

CD Burner XP

CD Burner XP

CD Burner XP is a freeware CD, HD-DVD and Blu Ray burning program for Windows. It can create and burn compilations, ISO image files, and pre-created DVD video discs.

Dec 10

Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM is a customer relationship management suite, and so covers quotations, projects, document storage and customer interactions. It’s a robust, reliable suite that is used by quite a few big customers – like Coca Cola, AVIS, the insurance company AA and even the government of the State of Oregon.

Dec 09

Open Watcom


The open source Open Watcom compiler suite is designed around the idea of leaving you alone to get on with things, and then producing highly optimised executables from your source code at the end of it.

Dec 05



Not only does AbiWord consume a mere 20MB of memory with a document loaded, it’s fast, small, and even opens Word 2007 documents as well (oh, and WordPerfect ones, ClarisWorks ones, ApplixWorks ones…)

Dec 04



The Opera web browser has been around for a long while. Originally a shareware product, it went free a few years ago after raising enough money from purchases to become self-sustaining. Since then, Opera have added a few more tools to its arsenal, including Unite, allowing you to share items directly from your computer, and …

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Dec 01



FontForge can edit many forms of fonts – Windows’ TrueType and OpenType, many types of Mac fonts, and X11’s bitmap fonts – although the level of support is currently variable. It can, of course, convert from one format to another as well.

Nov 28



Gnumeric is the spreadsheet component of GNOME Office. It’s a lightweight spreadsheet application that supports all the familiar functions, calculation modes and charts as seen in most spreadsheet applications.

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Nov 27


Flock logo

Flock is a social web browser. Built around Facebook and Twitter, and available in over 2 dozen languages, Flock is designed to keep you up to date with your social networks, your email accounts, and your RSS feeds, all within your browser.

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