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Nov 17

IBM Lotus Symphony


If you find the traditional look and feel of LibreOffice (aka OpenOffice) to be a bit old-fashioned, or perhaps you only use its core word processor and spreadsheet components and want a more integrated “feel” to the suite, then perhaps it’s worth considering IBM Lotus Symphony.

Nov 16

Xenu Link Sleuth

Xenu Link Sleuth

The impressively small Xenu Link Sleuth is a Windows-only tool, designed to check a website for broken links – something it does exceptionally well, very quickly, and very reliably.

Nov 08


Skype logo

Are you a chatty person, one who likes a good natter but are restricted by the constraints of the landline companies who give you packages for free phones in the evening and all day at weekends? Don’t you want to call someone in the daytime for free, sometimes, too?

If so, then Skype is for you. Why? Because it’s a free (mostly) internet phone calling service.

Oct 28


Winamp logo

For years, Winamp has been the audio player of choice for many discerning audiophiles. Not only does it play standard MP3 files (which can be purchased from Amazon or – if you pay for the upgrade to the Pro version, created from your own CDs), but version 3 added a video player. And a music library that tracks your play information, so you can see what you listen to most.

Oct 25

Freecorder 4

Isn’t it annoying when you’re listening to something, really engrossed – and the phone rings? Or the doorbell? Of course, when your team just equalised as well – what bad timing! If only you could record it, and listen to the rest later…  that’s when you need

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Oct 22



TweetDeck organises your Twitter life into columns. You can add regularly updated columns for any search you choose to do (such as your own twitter @username, in order to see your mentions), run multiple accounts, even translate tweets into your own language, or translate them into a foreign language before you tweet them.

Oct 22


Spotify logo

So you like music? Who doesn’t, and with your computer you can enjoy your own music whenever you want. Load up all your CDs to your hard drive and away you go. Fancy a change? That’s when you need Spotify!

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