Microsoft Service Packs

Here’s all the 79 Microsoft Service Packs that we know about, especially those for Windows and Office. Note that “install from Internet” versions will be smaller to download, but will use your internet connection to download the necessary files. If not otherwise marked, they can be downloaded and burned to CD.

Quick links by name: .Net Framework; DirectX; Dynamics CRM; eMbedded Visual C++; Exchange Server; Flight Simulator; Forefront Client Security; ISA Server; Jet Database Engine; Office; SharePoint; SQL Server; Virtual PC; Visual Basic; Visual FoxPro; Visual Studio; Windows; Windows Server Update Services; XML parser (MSXML)

.Net Framework

.Net 3.5: SP1
.Net 3.0: SP2
.Net 2.0: SP2; SP1 (Itanium); SP1 (64-bit); SP1 (32-bit)
.Net 1.1: SP1
.Net 1.0: SP3; SP2


8.1b (Jun 2002): Windows 98/ME; Windows 2000
8.1 (Aug 2001): Windows 2000

Dynamics CRM

CRM 4.0 (update rollups): UR5

eMbedded Visual C++

4.0: SP4

Exchange Server

Exchange 2007: SP3; SP2
Exchange 2003: SP1

Flight Simulator

FSX (Flight Sim 10): SP2 (English); SP1

Forefront Client Security

Forefront 1.0: SP1

ISA Server

ISA 2006: SP1
ISA 2004 Standard: SP1

Jet Database Engine

Jet 4.0 (64-bit): SP8
Jet 4.0 (32-bit): SP8 (for XP); SP8 (for 2000)


Office 2008 for Mac: 12.2.1
Office 2007: SP2
Office Proofing Tools 2007: SP2
Office 2004 for Mac: 11.3.0
Office 2003: SP3; SP2; SP1
Office XP: SP3; SP2; SP1
Office XP developer edition: SP1
Office 2000: SP3; SP2


Windows SharePoint Services 3.0: SP2

SQL Server

SQL 2008: SP2
SQL Express 2008: SP1
SQL 2005: SP3; SP2; SP1
SQL Express 2005: SP3; SP2
SQL 2000: SP4; SP3a

Virtual PC

Virtual PC 2007: SP1
Virtual Server 2005: SP1
Virtual PC for Mac 6: 6.1.1
Virtual PC for Mac 7: 7.0.3; 7.0.2

Visual Basic

Visual Basic 6: SP6

Visual FoxPro

FoxPro 9.0: SP2; SP1
FoxPro 8.0: SP1

Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2008: SP1 (iso)
Visual Studio 2005: SP1 Vista update
Visual Studio 6: SP6


Windows Vista (32-bit): SP2; SP1
Windows Vista (64-bit): SP1
Windows Vista / Server 2008: SP2 (5 language)
Windows Server 2003 (32-bit): SP2; SP1
Windows XP (32-bit): SP3; SP2
Windows 2000: SP4
Windows NT 4: SP6a postfix
Windows 95: SP1

Windows Server Update Services

WSUS 3.0: SP2; SP1

XML parser (MSXML)

MSXML 6.0: SP2; SP1
MSXML 4.0: SP4; SP3
MSXML 3.0: SP7; SP5

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