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Jun 16

Yes, we are back…

OK, things have been left a bit around here, and we’re abandononing the two level structure for categories, so everything is going to get reallocated soon… Keep watching, and I hope you enjoy the new look thanks to the awesome Graphene theme

Apr 10

Just to let you know…

We’re re-jiggling our bytes over at the server end (ooh, I love it when my bytes go all jiggly)… Anyhows, we may be slightly offline a bit in the next few days, but don’t worry… we will soon be back – and we’ve got a ton more free stuff to tell you about – so …

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Dec 31

2010 – the top ten

As it’s the end of the year, we thought we’d just end with our top ten of 2010. So here – in order according to the slightly wonderful Google Analytics are our top ten: A Christmas Carol Top of the list is Radio 4 regular Mitch Benn reading the Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol. And …

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Nov 18

Pop goes the balloon…

Goodbye Balloonatics! It’s been fun – and no, we didn’t win (again)… sigh Oh well… we hope you’ve enjoyed looking at some of our recommendations for free stuff on the net, and hope that maybe you’ll pay us another visit someday. See you next time, and congratulations to the winners! – The Emudir Team

Nov 15


Sorry if your balloon seems to be stuck here – our traffic’s gone mad and “balloonacy stuck on emudir” and its variant seems to be our most popular search terms! We’ll contact the balloon race as soon as possible and let them know! Edit: this seems to be sorted now so I will let this …

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Nov 08

Welcome Balloonatics!

Balloonacy logo

The Orange Internet Balloon Race is back and we’re excited! Well, I am anyway. I’m going to try and come highter than 3,538th this year (Simon did actually manage to get – very briefly – into the top 100 last time!)

Oct 31

Essentials & quick links

Have you seen our essentials and quick links pages? They’re in the footer down below. Basically we’re compiling links of useful stuff (so far we’ve got a list of search engines, and a list of Microsoft Service Packs), but we’re still pondering what else to put on – a list of Internet radio stations maybe? …

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Oct 20

Testing testing…

We’re just reloading our flux capacitors. No need to panic. Nothing to see here. …yet