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Dec 28

PDF to Word

PDF to Word

PDF to Word takes PDF documents and returns word processing documents in either Microsoft Word’s .DOC or .RTF format.

Dec 11



If you use Google Mail, as we do, you’ll no doubt be wowed by the priority inbox, delighted with its ability to handle huge volumes of mail effortlessly and perpetually wondering what “shva” means in the address bar… Of course, the one thing that Gmail lacks, compared to traditional email clients, is the ability to …

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Nov 29

Google Calendar

Google calendar

If, like me, you’re terrifically disorganised, there’s several ways round this. One (perhaps non-optimal) way is to tattoo everything you will ever need to know onto your own body, as seen in the film Memento. Another, probably more sensible way, is the online service Google Calendar.

Oct 30



Launched a few years ago to promote the game Plants v Zombies, the Zombatar allows you to make your own zombie character to use as your profile picture on Facebook, MSN messenger… anywhere you’d use a picture of yourself on the Internet, really.

Oct 22


Spotify logo

So you like music? Who doesn’t, and with your computer you can enjoy your own music whenever you want. Load up all your CDs to your hard drive and away you go. Fancy a change? That’s when you need Spotify!