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Name: Stephen Collis
Date registered: October 20, 2010
URL: http://www.emudir.com/


Founder of emudir.com and co-author.

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  3. GnuCash — November 9, 2010
  4. Skype — November 8, 2010
  5. CCleaner — October 29, 2010

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Nov 23


Sometimes though, being read to is sheer bliss. On a car journey the short stories on radio 4 are usually in serial form or just too darn short. So there is a gap to be filled. Enter audiobooksforfree.com

Nov 10



I expect that, like me, you have seen all these adverts in the press for smart machines that will turn your vinyl records and old cassettes into CD. Introducing Audacity. It really is simple to use, just connect yoour record player or cassette player (you didn’t throw them out did you?) via a suitable interface…

Nov 09


GnuCash logo

The best way to manage your money is never to spend it. However, if you are a mere mortal and like eating, drinking and living in a house then there is no option. The next best thing, therefore, is to manage your money wisely and there is stuff out there to help you. (And me!)

One of the best is GnuCash because because it specifically caters for small businesses or small traders.

Nov 08


Skype logo

Are you a chatty person, one who likes a good natter but are restricted by the constraints of the landline companies who give you packages for free phones in the evening and all day at weekends? Don’t you want to call someone in the daytime for free, sometimes, too?

If so, then Skype is for you. Why? Because it’s a free (mostly) internet phone calling service.

Oct 29


CCleaner logo

CCleaner is a useful little application that no computer should really be without. A system organiser with the added benefit of a registry cleaner it deletes temporary files from all the popular browsers, IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera and will also do the same to your installed software making your computer faster and more reliable.

Oct 22


Spotify logo

So you like music? Who doesn’t, and with your computer you can enjoy your own music whenever you want. Load up all your CDs to your hard drive and away you go. Fancy a change? That’s when you need Spotify!