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Name: Simon Collis
Date registered: October 20, 2010
URL: http://www.emudir.com
AIM: g7uvi
Jabber / Google Talk: simon.collis@gmail.com
Yahoo! IM: simoncollis@rocketmail.com


Founder of emudir.com and co-author.

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Nov 11

The Weeknd

TheWeeknd - Thursday (cover)

We’ve featured a good few albums on this blog before, and they tend to fall into two distinct categories. Either they are from established artists – such as Nine Inch Nails, or Coldplay – as a “thank you” to the fans. But just as often – as here – the people giving their music away …

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Sep 02

Mystified – Waste As Fuel

Waste As Fuel - cover

The hyper-active Mystified (real name Thomas Park) seems to release an album a month, and most of them are uploaded for free to The Internet Archive. This one is just over half an hour, and it’s an ever-shifting soundscape. The title is apposite, as the atmospheric industrial rumblings that begin the piece remind me of …

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Sep 01


vim - the editor

For those of us who started our computing careers with Unix, or a Unix variant, or who were introduced to the system at university, some time in the 1980s, you will have been introduced to the joys (or evils?) of the editor vi. While idiosyncratic, there’s no doubt that vi is, like its predecessor TECO …

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Aug 31

Left Right Left Right Left

Left Right Left Right Left - cover

Did you see Coldplay at Glastonbury? If you didn’t, it’s perhaps amazing you managed to avoid it, given it sems to have been shown live on the BBC and then again and again for days. Which means you probably did it on purpose, so if I were you, I’d move on to the next post. …

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Apr 25


NirSoft logo

Here’s a clever little piece of software, and it really works well at what it does. Have you ever got a wireless router for your Internet connection? Most Internet Service Providers give them out these days, but you can still buy slightly-better-than-average ones from electronics shops. And most laptops include wireless these days, so almost …

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Apr 10

Just to let you know…

We’re re-jiggling our bytes over at the server end (ooh, I love it when my bytes go all jiggly)… Anyhows, we may be slightly offline a bit in the next few days, but don’t worry… we will soon be back – and we’ve got a ton more free stuff to tell you about – so …

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Mar 26

Poems by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Now here’s a lovely thing. If you know of one piece of romantic poetry, it’s probably number 52 from Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnets from the Portuguese. You don’t? Really? Are you sure? Well, it goes like this: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth …

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Mar 24

Firefox 4


We’ve been using Firefox here at Emudir Towers for years, ever since the dim and distant days of version 1.0. But the latest version – released just a few days ago – adds some useful and exciting features.

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Mar 15



Forgive us for going on about graphics programs, having featured both GIMP and Serif Photo Plus in the not-so-distant past, it’s probably not time for another one yet. So… here’s a graphic editor. While you groan away, here’s some things to like about Paint.Net. Despite being Windows only (and requiring .Net 3.5), it supports layers, …

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Mar 01



For any C++ programmer, the integrated development environment or IDE is the tool they spend most of their time using. And while commercial tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio are popular with commercial development houses, the problem is that they are frequently limited to a single platform.

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