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Jun 16

The Chicken of Tomorrow

This is a quirky little Public Information Film from 1948 from the Prelinger collection. By turns modernistic or quaint, unintentially hilarious or bordering on creepy, this film presents a view of the modernisation of the poultry during American agriculture’s gritty post-World War 2 reboot. Of course, things have changed since then – their “new intensive farming methods” are generally known as “freedom food” methods today, and we generally don’t refer to “meat type chickens” any more (which begs the question – what were the other types? Robot cyber-type chickens? Marshmallow type chickens? The mind boggles…)

Fortunately their breeding methods are quaintly old fashioned, and don’t venture into the “too much information” territory beloved of the modern biology teacher, while the living-being-to-dinner conversion sequence is tastefully skipped over, with the results merely coming straight out of the sort of oven chefs have nightmares about. It’s lots of fun – so long as you take it with a pinch of salt. (And some stuffing, gravy, roast potatoes and maybe a glass of chilled white wine…)

Download: From The Internet Archive

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