Sep 02

Mystified – Waste As Fuel

Waste As Fuel - coverThe hyper-active Mystified (real name Thomas Park) seems to release an album a month, and most of them are uploaded for free to The Internet Archive. This one is just over half an hour, and it’s an ever-shifting soundscape.

The title is apposite, as the atmospheric industrial rumblings that begin the piece remind me of the waste disposal escape scene in Toy Story 3. But it’s not all pounding industrial noises, and in half an hour this piece goes on a journey. It’s difficult to describe – you really need to hear it for yourself – but for me, this was the first piece of Mystified’s music that I heard, and I’ve become somewhat of a fan. I’ll feature some more of his work later, there’s plenty to delight but for now this is a great introduction, and if you’re a fan of Brian Eno or Tangerine Dream, or you just like things that are a little diffrent from the normal, then you’ll enjoy this one a lot.

Download page: http://www.archive.org/details/442-net-005

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