Aug 31

Left Right Left Right Left

Left Right Left Right Left - coverDid you see Coldplay at Glastonbury? If you didn’t, it’s perhaps amazing you managed to avoid it, given it sems to have been shown live on the BBC and then again and again for days. Which means you probably did it on purpose, so if I were you, I’d move on to the next post.

Still here? Good…

This mix album is kind of a little thankyou from Coldplay to their fans. While some of the most recognisable tunes aren’t there, if (like me) you only know the obvious ones (like Clocks, Yellow and Fix You – although two of these are on the album), then this is an excellent place to start. All the songs were new to me, and it’s a worthwhile addition to your music player. And of course – like everything on Emudir – it’s free. Enjoy!

Download page: http://www.coldplay.com/lrlrl/lr.html

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