Apr 25


NirSoft logoHere’s a clever little piece of software, and it really works well at what it does.

Have you ever got a wireless router for your Internet connection? Most Internet Service Providers give them out these days, but you can still buy slightly-better-than-average ones from electronics shops. And most laptops include wireless these days, so almost everyone uses it.

But one of the first things they recommend you do is to give your wireless network a secure passcode. Which is fine – unless you make it so secure you forget. So what happens when a friend comes to visit from out of town and wants to use your Internet conection on their laptop – and you’ve forgotten your network key?

Well, you can log into the router and change the passcode. Ah – but can you remember the secure password you gave the admin account? Same as the network key, was it? So, if only you knew the network key, you could change it – except you can’t remember it… catch 22…

Enter Wireless KeyView. This little tool delves into your PC’s configuration and grabs the network key and shows it to you. And voila – you’re back in business.

A quick word of warning, though. This little program doesn’t contain any spyware or trojans or anything (we checked, believe me), although a lot of antivirus (including the PC Tools in Google Pack) thinks it does. So you’ll get a warning message which you need to ignore. I didn’t – I automatically went “block”, even though I’d already checked it out. Silly me… I had to reboot my PC to actually use it! (As usual, we declaim all responsibility – use at your own risk.)

Homepage: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/wireless_key.html

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