Mar 24

Firefox 4

FirefoxWe’ve been using Firefox here at Emudir Towers for years, ever since the dim and distant days of version 1.0. But the latest version – released just a few days ago – adds some useful and exciting features.

Fans of Google Chrome will no doubt find the new tab bar familiar; Firefox veterans may find it takes a little getting used to, but the additional screen space is welcome.

Memory usage has always been fairly light with Firefox; it’s currently using 440MB, with 10 tabs open, but that includes Google Reader having read about 600+ items. Closing the reader tab doesn’t now just dump a load of memory before Firefox responds again (although if you’re short on memory and the PC is swapping like fury that’s probably not going to help much), but it does bring the memory usage down by 20MB.

Firefox sync is now built in, providing a means to synchronise the bookmarks and passwords on your desktop PC and Android or iPhone. Perhaps more importantly, Firefox supports the “do not track” option, which ethical websites will honour by providing enhanced privacy options.

With Firefox 4, Google Chrome 10 and Internet Explorer 9 all coming out within days, the browser market has rebooted itself. Whichever is your browser of choice, they are all vastly improved, and perhaps none more so than Firefox.

Download page: http://www.getfirefox.com/

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