Mar 01


Code::BlocksFor any C++ programmer, the integrated development environment or IDE is the tool they spend most of their time using. And while commercial tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio are popular with commercial development houses, the problem is that they are frequently limited to a single platform.

Code::Blocks is different, in that it’s not limited to a single platform, a single compiler suite, or even a single file format. Capable of working with many compilers, and with many other IDE’s formats, Code::Blocks feels like a modern, worthwhile IDE. With lots of options, it’s comparable in use to Visual Studio, and supports a wide range of C and C++ compilers, including Open Watcom that we’ve featured before.

It’s built for really demanding users, really extensible and flexible. With code folding, source formatting, and support for half a dozen diferent compilers, import for another half dozen different IDEs and a plugin structure that has spawned contributed plugins for SubVersion and… still awake out there?

Anyway, for those non-C++ programmers, we’ll cut this short. For those who are C++ programmers – this one’s worth a look!

Homepage: http://www.codeblocks.org/

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