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UnlockerHave you ever tried to safely remove a USB flash drive and been told it’s in use? Well, if you have – and especially when that flash drive contains that one really important PowerPoint presentation you’ve got to give in five minutes’ time – you’ll know how frustrating (or even career-threatening) that message can be. Short of turning off the PC, or pulling the drive out anyway and risking losing everything on it (and yes, that has happened to me a couple of times), you’ll need Unlocker.

Unlocker has what they call a “shell extension”, which means that you can use it without a main window of its own, you just use it by right clicking on what you want to unlock. Which also means that it works seamlessly inside Windows Explorer, or (if you prefer it) Free Commander‘s drives bar, making it probably one of the easiest to use programs we’ve ever featured on Emudir.

Of course, if you prefer to use it that way, you can add Unlocker to the system tray (you know, sits near the clock on Windows… has all sorts of icons in it like the power, wireless network… yeah, that one). And the icon it puts there (and, to be honest, on the menu in Windows Explorer) is pretty nifty – a magic wand casting a magic spell. It’s designed to help you rename, delete or move a locked file, so you don’t even have to right click any more.

There’s a few things to be aware of though: first, because the site recently changed, make sure you are getting the right site to download it from (we are linking to the right one, incidentally, as far as we know). Second, only from version 1.9.0 does it work properly on 64-bit Windows (you had to fiddle quite a lot before then). Third, it’ll install eBay or Bing or other promotional shortcuts by default, so if you don’t want this, make sure to turn it off in the install (although, of course, leaving them enabled helps fund future development of the program, so it’s up to you).

The final is one that’s bitten me before. Remember I said about that important PowerPoint presentation? Well, down the bottom of the window that comes up after you right click, is an “actions” drop down. Just don’t get into the habit of setting it to delete every time, because the one time… well, I’m sure you can work it out

Homepage: http://cedrick.collomb.perso.sfr.fr/unlocker/

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    Bookmarked, I love your site! :)

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