Dec 25


ScroogeA couple of weeks ago we pointed you towards Mitch Benn‘s excellent reading of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol“. Well, today, what with it being Christmas Day and everything, we’d like to point you in the direction of the first sound version of that same tale – 1935’s Scrooge.

Seymour Hicks, who plays Scrooge in this version, was a famous actor in his time, and had made the role of Scrooge onstage his own for many years, first playing it in 1901 (Indeed, he also played Scrooge in the 1913 silent version as well). So it’s interesting to see someone who was, perhaps, considered the leading interpreter of the role in his day. What’s more, Hicks also wrote and starred in hos own films, firing the director of one and giving the first directorial job to a then-unknown Alfred Hitchcock.

This adaptation is also notable for its expressionistic cinematography, and the fact that – unusually – Marley’s ghost is invisible.

As with most films on The Internet Archive, Scrooge is available As Ogg Video, iPod-friendly MPEG4, or DVD-quality MPEG2 formats.

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