Dec 28

PDF to Word

PDF to WordWe’ve all got PDF creators now. Libre Office and IBM Lotus Symphony can both create PDF files, and there’s an element of importing PDFs in Libre Office as well. But the job they do – well, let’s put it this way, the document might look OK, but the styles are hard to modify, and it’s just not quite right…

Enter Nitro PDF’s “PDF To Word” converter. You can either use the service online for free, or download it as a (paid for) desktop application – which adds support for directly coverting other file types to PDF, batch conversions, and so on.

The converted documents can be returned as either DOC files – a Microsoft Word specific format that can be opened by most word processing programs – or as RTF. RTF in itself would require an entire article to describe, but it’s an open format (if a complex one) that can be opened by most word processing programs (such as Word Perfect, Lotus WordPro, IBM Works…)

Of course, as if that’s not good enough, they even do a PDF to Excel converter as well! And guess what – that’s free too! :-)

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