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EmailOracleIf you use Google Mail, as we do, you’ll no doubt be wowed by the priority inbox, delighted with its ability to handle huge volumes of mail effortlessly and perpetually wondering what “shva” means in the address bar…

Of course, the one thing that Gmail lacks, compared to traditional email clients, is the ability to request “read receipts”. Now this is something that’s in the email specifications – and has been for years – it’s just that Google didn’t see fit to implement it.

Thanks to a very clever set of browser plugins, EmailOracle solves that. It adds not only read receipts, but also a very handy follow up feature – you can ask for email oracle to inform you if you haven’t had a reply after a number of days (which you set when you send the original email).

EmailOracle can track through a “hidden” webspy gif – a transparent 1×1 pixel image that won’t be seen by the recipient. This is, of course, frowned on by a lot of people, and EmailOracle’s default – the EmailOracle logo – is certainly what we would recommend that you use.

Installation is quite simple – log into GMail, install the browser add on (for Firefox, Safari or Chrome), and you’re away. Of course, if you’re unsure what to do, you can always take the tour

The free “lite” option gets you 20 tracked emails a month – almost certainly more than enough for most home users, who are likely to want to track no more than that a month. The plans then range from 50 to 10,000 tracked emails a month, which should satisfy even the most raving email junkie.

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    The bad news is – EmailOracle is closing down, 31st January 2011. What a shame!

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