Dec 18

Dishonored Lady

Dishonored LadyThe inventor of spread spectrum radio and the radar guided torpedo undoubtedly shortened World War 2 by a few years. Of course, there is also work in this area that is still classified – and still state of the art. So it’s perhaps surprising that quite a good deal of this inventor’s work was widely seen and disseminated at the same time. Take for example, this film – “Dishonored Lady” – where Hedy Lamarr stars as Madeleine Damian, a fashion editor set on the right road after a suicide attempt.

Dishonored Lady is a psychological drama, and Lamarr proves that her day job as an actress was worth the game, and she could indeed act as well as inventing course-of-history changing radio elecronics in her spare time. While it’s perhaps a little more morally uptight than today’s standards, it’s still an interesting view – if perhaps only to see Margaret Hamilton when she isn’t being the Wicked Witch Of The West.

And now, of course, that we’ve pointed out one of radio’s most illustrious inventors, as well as one of cinema’s most famous witches – let’s see if you can watch the film without thinking about either issue! It’s available to watch online, or download as Ogg, MPEG2 or MPEG4 video.

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