Dec 29


D.O.A.If you haven’t seen it, D.O.A. is a film noir classic with a twist – the victim solves his own murder. And if that does sound familiar, it’s possible you might have seen the recent remake of this, starring Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan, but the original 1949 version is somewhat different – and arguably, perhaps, better.

Edmond O’Brien plays Frank Bigelow, a small-town accountant on a pre-marriage binge in San Francisco. He ends up drinking a mysterious “luminous toxin”, and with only 24 hours to live, has to find out what, who – and why.

D.O.A. maybe hasn’t aged as well as it should – the use of the swannee whistle as an “inner wolf whistle” perhaps dates it more than anything else – but it’s still an exciting, fast-paced thriller, with some great plot twists.

To say much more would give away too much, so if you haven’t seen either this version, or the more recent remakes – “Color Me Dead” or, as we mentioned earlier, the 1988 version, this is a great place to start. Any film that’s strong enough to be remade twice has to be worth a look!

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