Dec 05


Forgive us for featuring another office program so soon, but AbiWord wouldn’t wait. You see, with my regular computer in for repair, I’ve been using one with less than 4 gigabytes of memory. Half a one, to be precise. And Libre Office, lovely though it is, chews through memory like there’s no tomorrow. There had to be something smaller. And something that opened all my OpenDocument documents as well…

Well not only does AbiWord consume a mere 20MB of memory with a document loaded, it’s fast, small, and even opens Word 2007 documents as well (oh, and WordPerfect ones, ClarisWorks ones, ApplixWorks ones…)

One of the joys of AbiWord is that is is fast. And I really do mean lightning fast – it puts larger lumbering programs such as Word in the shade. And while the support’s not all it could be (tables frequently fail to open from Open Office documents, for example), AbiWord is more than capable of coping with the day to day word processing demands, and should be especially useful for those running XP or Windows 7 based netbooks…

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