Dec 31

2010 – the top ten

As it’s the end of the year, we thought we’d just end with our top ten of 2010. So here – in order according to the slightly wonderful Google Analytics are our top ten:

  1. A Christmas Carol
    Top of the list is Radio 4 regular Mitch Benn reading the Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol. And deservedly so – it’s an excellent reading.
  2. LibreOffice… OpenOffice, in a new coat…
    The fragmentation between The Document Foundation and Oracle has resulted in – if not a cold war, then at least a few barbed words between the two sides. But what is more surprising (to me) is that the fully “open” LibreOffice feels faster, less memory-hungry and more stable than Openoffice has ever yet been…
  3. Freecorder 4
    The MP3 capture tool has proved popular with Emudir readers – and little wonder. In addition to its already top notch audio facilities, it also includes a handy (and extremely comprehensive) Internet Radio and TV toolbar. Not to be missed!
  4. IBM Lotus Symphony
    IBM’s tie up between OpenOffice functionality and the Eclipse IDE interface has proved another hit with Emudir readers. Especially useful is the built in web browser, the more business-friendly interface, and the fact that with IBM behind it, corporations feel safe to deploy it knowing there is good support to be had if required.
  5. WinAmp
    WinAmp, the application that more or less invented skinning, and perhaps single-handedly built the MP3 revolution ten years ago or more, is still a popular choice in 2010. Long may it continue in its llama-friendly traditions…
  6. CCleaner
    Piriform’s essential tool CCleaner comes in at number 6, proving that you don’t have to be a flashy, all-singing all-dancing tool to be loved. CCleaner’s uncluttered, straightforward interface, its no-nonsense way of cleaning files, and the additional registry cleaning and startup cleaning tools it provides proved a hit with Emudir readers this year.
  7. The Social Network
    The soundtrack sampler for Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’s soundtrack to the blockbuster “Facebook movie” The Social Network came in at number 7, showing that it wasn’t just Aaron Sorkin’s snappy script and bristling, West Wing style dialogue that was all the film had to offer…
  8. GIMP
    The GNU Image Manipulation Program, probably the nearest thing Adobe’s Photoshop has to a free competitor, and one of our essential Webmaster tools, comes in at number 8.
  9. Gnumeric
    Number 9 shows that spreadsheets – the killer application for the original Mac in the days of VisiCalc – can still stir interest today: this year, it’s the lightweight, quick, and ever-evolving gnumeric.
  10. Night Of The Living Dead
    And let’s end the list with a zombie. Yes, zombies – one of the year’s hot topics, picked up by all and sundry, even Sears – so we liked back to the movie that started it all, George Romero’s 1968 classic Night Of The Living Dead.

Well, everyone, have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve – and we hope to see you, safe and sound, back here next year!

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