Nov 16

Xenu Link Sleuth

Xenu Link SleuthLet’s say you run a website, or a blog, like we do here at emudir. One of the really annoying things is getting emails saying “dude, this link doesn’t work – what are you gonna do about it?” And while it’s usually easy to do something about it, it’s nicer to get a handle on these problems beforehand and do something about them. Enter Xenu Link Sleuth.

The impressively small Xenu Link Sleuth is a Windows-only tool, designed to check a website for broken links – something it does exceptionally well, very quickly, and very reliably. You can output a report of the broken links at any time (although it’s probably best to wait until it’s finished), and projects can be saved (as .xen files) and restarted later.

One of the nicer features of the program is that you can set the number of threads it uses. For smaller, less commercial sites, you can take it as low as 5, whereas if you run a large, commercial site with thousands of pages you might want to take it to the maximum 200 (as I used to). However for most people the default of 30 will do just fine.

The one gripe, perhaps, is that it does not check ftp links until generating a report, and some sites (such as Wikipedia) are prone to false positives (although that’s more an issue for Wikipedia than this application).

Overall, this is a great appication. It comes with a full installer, works extremeley well, produces usable reports and – best of all – is small enough to fit on a floppy disk. One of our Emudir essentials

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