Nov 01

SRWare Iron

IronWith the rise and rise of Google Chrome, it’s worth pointing out that some people have a bit of a problem with it. Yes, it’s a fine browser – fast, renders pages extremely well, great plethora of available plugins. But it does have a tendency to phone home and tell Google what you’re up to.

Enter the fine folks at SRWare. You see, there’s an open source version of Google Chrome, called Chromium. SRWare have taken that, removed the Google integration and released it – for Windows, MacOS and Linux (the Windows version is at the top of the download page; scroll down for Mac and Linux versions).

The question of whether the removed features are actually useful to you are a good question; regardless of whether they are or not, it does bring some peace of mind to know that there is a little more privacy in Iron.

Iron also does appear to be just as stable and fast as Google Chrome, so there’s nothing to choose between them. And OK there’s no automatic update with it, as their is with the Google version, but then this is part of the privacy aspect – which is the main reason you’d be choosing Iron rather than Chrome in the first place, right?

At the end of the day, the choice between the two is yours. But Iron has been on my system since its inception, and Google Chrome has not. The choice is yours…

Download SRWare Iron from their site. The site is also available in German.


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    Tandarts Reeshof

    Hi thanks for yet another funny and good post. Where do you receive your inspiration for all this :|? – Tilburg

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      Hi Tilburg,
      Basically lots of web surfing and the occasional email from kind readers alerting us to cool stuff!

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