Nov 08


Skype logoAre you a chatty person, one who likes a good natter but are restricted by the constraints of the landline companies who give you packages for free phones in the evening and all day at weekends? Don’t you want to call someone in the daytime for free, sometimes, too?

If so, then Skype is for you. Why? Because it’s a free (mostly) internet phone calling service. Any Skype subscriber can call any other Skype subscriber anywhere in the world for free! Admittedly some people may have to go to some expense by buying a Skype suitable for use on their computer but it ain’t necessarily so. There are versions for plug in phones, Skype phones and, get this!, you can even use your mobile, and those of us with Mac or PC with built in microphones and speakers won’t even need a handset. (Incidentally head sets are also available – cheaply). You can even download a version for your mobile phone and use that as a Skype handset. Full details are on their website but let’s have a quick look at what you get for free…

As well as free phone calls to other users (why not spread the word and get your friends to download it too) you can also make video calls just like in those science fiction (now fact) films. Show them your holiday photos using the enclosed screen sharing option and take as long as they can stand it – there’s no charge. There is also an instant messaging service.

You can also get subscription packages to make incredibly cheap calls to those not on SKYPE, charges way below other providers but most people will be more than happy with the free version.

Call quality used to leave a fair bit to be desired but the new version is very clear and crisp, I can’t tell the difference between Skype and my home phone most of the time.

Give it a try – it’s only a couple of clicks away.

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