Nov 21


recuvaHave you ever deleted a file and didn’t mean to? Well, no problem – you can find it in the Windows recycle bin, right? No? Well, that’s where Recuva comes in handy…

Deleted it from your iPod, you say? Or your camera? No problem, Recuva can fix that too.

Word crashed, halfway through that important document? And you didn’t save it? Well… ah, you guessed it!

In fact, there’s a huge number of functions in Recuva, for quite a small download. There’s even a quick start wizard for when you need your results in a hurry, or a deep scan for those thimes when the results are buried more deeply.

In fact, Recuva moves so fast – and is updated so frequently – we wouldn’t be surprised if there were new functions released between the time we started writing this post and the time it’s published!

Recuva is from the people at Piriform, who are also the makers of CCleaner that we featured recently…

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