Nov 04

OpenOffice macros

Andrew Pitonyak is an OpenOffice expert, who has written extensively on macro programming for OpenOffice.

The great joys of his document on macros – apart from its being free, of course – is that it includes many copy-and-paste ready examples that you can use to automate the tasks listed in the document. If, however, you need a paper version – say you want to read it on the bus, then that’s available too (it does include additional material not in the free book). He’s even working on the third edition at the moment.

Be careful, however. While he has additional material to add to the document, there is a bug in OpenOffice that causes it to crash when you close the document. So make sure that you save everything before you close the document!

Even with this caveat, however, Andrew Pitonyak’s book, or the document, makes a great tool in the arsenal of anyone who uses OpenOffice as a serious tool, and makes a cogent argument to persuade people to move from Microsoft Office to a free alternative.

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