Nov 02

Grateful Dead Live at West High, June 1980

The Grateful DeadThe Grateful Dead were perhaps the classic example of the “counter-culture” band, allowing fans to tape their concerts and swap the recordings, playing free gigs, while simulatenously using marketing savvy and word of mouth to earn a living playing some great, mellow tunes.

This Anchorage, Alaska concert, recorded in June 1980 by The Grateful Dead themselves, is now available for listening on the Internet Archive website. Many of their most famous songs are represented, such as Sugaree, Candyman, Brokedown Palace and Sugar Magnolia (although, oddly, no Truckin’, Friend Of The Devil or Dark Star).

Because this is a soundboard recording, it’s pretty much CD quality. And therefore under the Dead’s T&Cs, the Internet Archive can only offer it as streaming media – not that that stops us from recommending it. While you’re there, you might want to check out some of the other great Dead shows in the Grateful Dead archive, or even browse the Live Music Archive where concerts from another 180 (and counting) artists are available to download, free, for gratis, and without charge…

Until tomorrow, happy listening :)


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