Nov 29

Google Calendar

Google calendarIf, like me, you’re terrifically disorganised, there’s several ways round this. One (perhaps non-optimal) way is to tattoo everything you will ever need to know onto your own body, as seen in the film Memento.

Another, probably more sensible way, is the online service Google Calendar.

There are several things to like about Google Calendar:

  • It can send you reminders for meetings by text message.
    I only recently discovered this – and it really is rather nice. I can be doing something completely unrelated, oblivious to my impending appointment, and then – ping, here’s a reminder (or, with my phone, whoosh, but that’s another story) and I don’t miss my meeting or phone call.
  • You can share calendars
    If a friend of yours has a Google account, you can allow them to directly add your calendar to theirs (or vice versa). You can be either a reader, or have the ability to make and change appointments on their behalf. Nice!
  • The API is open; there’s a Thunderbird plugin.
    It requires the Lightning plugin, and a little bit of setup work, but after that it’s good to go. You even get access to all the shared calendars too. Sweet!
  • It’s got a mobile version.
    As in, you can use through the mobile phone. Which is useful, even if the interface doesn’t have all the capabilities of the full web version (you can’t create appointments in other people’s calendars – or at least, not easily).
  • You can synchronise it with Outlook.
    For those of us forced to use Outlook by work, there’s Google Calendar Sync. And it’ll sync to Blackberry, iCal, iPad, and a host of others too – like Nokia, iPhone or Windows Mobile. Sadly, for those of us still clinging to Lotus Organizer with our fingernails, there’s no sync app for us.

Well, I hope that’s whet your appetite. Please go ahead and take it for a spin. As usual with everything on this site – it’s free :)

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