Nov 09


GnuCash logoThe best way to manage your money is never to spend it. However, if you are a mere mortal and like eating, drinking and living in a house then there is no option. The next best thing, therefore, is to manage your money wisely and there is stuff out there to help you. (And me!)

Microsoft Money and Quicken Accounts packages (if they still exist) are relatively inexpensive, especially if you can put the cost against business expenses. For the man (or woman) in the street, the small trader or the plain miserly there are several programs that avoid the outlay of cash which is the first rule of successful money management.

One of the best is GnuCash because because it specifically caters for small businesses or small traders. It runs under Windows, Mac, Linux and several other formats. It is easy to use and no great financial accounting wizardry is involved. Well, there is, but it is GnuCash’s and not ours!
It will keep track of bank accounts, personal and small business, using double entry bookkeeping, will cope with standing orders and direct debits, produce statements and reports and will perform financial calculations at the speed of light.

Beware when downloading though. The current version is the most stable yet: version 2.2.9 but the website also has a trial version of the new software 2.3.16 which I have not tried because I am more than happy with the 2.2.9. It does everything I need with no fuss and I like that in a program.

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