Nov 19

Girl Talk – All Day

The DJ Girl Talk is giving out his new album “All Day” as a free download. Not just that, but it’s licensed under Creative Commons, which is also pretty cool as it means you’re even free to create your own remixes.

The album is intended to be listened to in one, and so while it’s available as a single long MP3, you can also download as separated MP3s for ease of navigation. (For those wanting a lossless FLAC download, that is coming at the end of November, when the pressure eases off the servers.)

This is so new – and demand so high – that we haven’t even finished downloading it yet (good luck if you’re trying now), so I can’t even attempt to give you any sort of opinion of it (it came out on Monday, so okay, news maybe doesn’t travel as fast round the Intarwebs as all that). However I do recommend you have a listen, and if you like it, either buy one of those shiny silver things you get from Amazon, or go see the tour. Tickets are only available in Chile for this weekend, and then it’s the USA for the next few months, so if you’re over here in Europe, you’ve still got a couple of weeks to listen to it before then :)

The legal bit: All Day by Girl Talk is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license. The CC license does not interfere with the rights you have under the fair use doctrine, which gives you permission to make certain uses of the work even for commercial purposes. Also, the CC license does not grant rights to non-transformative use of the source material Girl Talk used to make the album.

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    Incidentally, this is a cracking album, I would strongly advise you to download, listen – and buy! I love it! :)

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