Nov 13

Gantt Project

Gantt project logoOne of the most maxims of project management is the 5 Ps: “proper planning prevents poor performance”. And one of the easiest ways to plan out a project is a Gantt chart, which details each phase of the project, what needs to happen before it starts, and what depends on each step. And that’s where Gantt Project comes in.

Gantt Project can be used to create project timelines in Gantt format, and can export them as SVG files, PDF (Acrobat) documents, or just in its own file format. It can even import and export Microsoft Project files as well. What’s more, Gantt Project can export the current project as a PERT chart, or to HTML as well, and allows you to collaborate with colleagues using WebDAV.

If you’ve never used a tool like this before, they even have video tutorials on the website to help you! Project management software can help you by documenting available resources, deadlines, and the prerequisites and dependencies required to meet them, it shows a clear plan for the project in hand, be it building a house, the marketing for a book, or even the itinerary for a holiday (don’t laugh – I used to work with someone who planned their holidays just like this!)

Add this to yesterday’s Free Mind, and you’re starting to build up a powerful project manager’s toolkit. Gantt Project is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, or there are platform-independent zip files for Java, and you can even run it from your browser if you have the right JRE.

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