Nov 11

Free Mind

Free MindMind mapping, as developed by Tony Buzan since the 1960s, is used widely as a note taking tool for business, a revision tool to aid memory, and as a general tool for organising information.

There is official mind mapping software, which can start at about the same price as Windows 7 starter. However those of us who are fans of free, libre and open source can rejoice in the excellent Free Mind.

It’s difficult to describe what mind mapping is if you haven’t actually seen it; basically a mind map starts with a main concept, such as the subject you are trying to learn (perhaps you’re trying to learn Zamgrh, ready for the impending zombie apolcalypse) . So the language itself would be the central subject, with leaves coming off for verbs, nouns, conjunctions, prepositions, tenses…

In fact, you can use mind mapping for almost every type of project you undertake – I’ve even seen mindmaps used to give presentations! If you’re really interested, check out the Wikipedia article to see a more in-depth discussion of what and how mind mapping can be used for.

Free Mind is pretty swift, easy to use and (in our testing) stable and bug-free. Given the price, it’s an excellent way to learn about mind mapping, and it’s professional enough to be usable even at a professional level. If you need to send your mind mas to other people, they don’t even need Free Mind installed – not only are there Java and Flash viewers available online, you can export as either an SVG graphic, or as a PDF file. Nice :)

Free Mind is written in Java, and even comes with a plugin that can be loaded onto a web page to view maps online. Installers are available for Windows, Linux, OS/2 and MacOS, but the Java binary edition should run on any operating system with a Java 1.4 (or compatible) JRE.


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    self improvement

    What will you now do tomorrow because of what you did today?

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