Nov 18

Free Commander

Free CommanderFor those of us who remember the ancient Norton Commander of much fame in the DOS days, or those who remember Directory Opus on the Amiga (now itself open source), there is a free version for Windows in the form of Free Commander.

This program presents two panes of file systems, rather than the folders-and-files view of Windows Explorer. You can also open tabs on each side to have more than one directory open,and copy and move files with impunity. (And if you like the folders view of Explorer, you can put those on each side as well).

One of the nice features is the ability to treat ZIP files as another folder, and to go into them, and copy files in and out just like another folder. Very neat! You can also read files from CAB and RAR files too, and even go into archives inside archives (which makes me feel a little bit like I’ve just dropped down the rabbit hole and a gentleman in a large har will soon be offering me half a cup of tea…)

There’s built in file viewers for text files, images, and even to view files in hex. You can securely wipe files from within Free Commander, search inside files, bookmark your most often used folders, and even create and check MD5 checksums (which many ftp sites provide so that you can check that files downloaded correctly).

Oh, and there’s an ftp client built in. Did I mention that already?

Not enough? Well, you cam compare and synchronise directory contents too. And that alone has to be worth the time to download it…

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    Unlocker | emudir

    […] to unlock. Which also means that it works seamlessly inside Windows Explorer, or (if you prefer it) Free Commander‘s drives bar, making it probably one of the easiest to use programs we’ve ever featured […]

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