Nov 30


BLIP.fmA while ago we featured Spotify, which is a streaming music platform for the desktop. Blip is altogether different.

Blip.fm is a kind of community radio station; every user is a DJ. Blip doesn’t host the music itself, but aggregates it from various sources, including YouTube, although you can filter out videos to save bandwidth.

You can search for anything, and although Blip doesn’t host anything itself, the search results are pretty good – I searched for a few random tracks (Sandie Shaw, Hafdis Huld, Syd Barrett and Paul Simon’s new single) and found them all straight away, although in several versions.

Blip connects to social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, and allows you to “blip” what you’re listening to / watching on the site. As you blip more things, you get awards, and you can subscribe to other DJs’ playlists, just as they can subscribe to yours… Just like Twitter, you can “re-blip” other DJs posts, and add notes to music when you blip it.

Blip.fm is a new kind of music streaming site – think of it as social, streaming music. Oh – and it even scrobbles to last.fm as well…

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