Nov 08

Welcome Balloonatics!

Balloonacy logoThe Orange Internet Balloon Race is back and we’re excited! Well, I am anyway. I’m going to try and come highter than 3,538th this year (Simon did actually manage to get – very briefly – into the top 100 last time!)

If you haven’t got your balloon yet, then header over to playballoonacy.com to grab a balloon. There’s loads of fab prizes up for grabs, so help yourself and let’s have a great time!

While the balloon race is on, we’re going to step up the pace of the posts a bit, try and give you a bit more to read if you’re playing the race because you might be visiting two, or maybe even three times, before a day’s out. So instead of a daily post, we’re going to aim for a few more than usual. But given that we’ll probably be balloon racing as well – we can’t promise anything!!!

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