Nov 10


I expect that, like me, you have seen all these adverts in the press for smart machines that will turn your vinyl records and old cassettes into CD.

Thing is, they’re not cheap and you are stuck afterwards with a machine for which you will have no further use, because, let’s face it, if you go to all the trouble of transferring vinyl and cassette to PC or CD then you are no longer in the market for vinyl etc, are you?

So what to do? Sometimes and more often than not the solution is out there and has been there for a good long time.

Introducing Audacity. I first used this programme about ten years ago, I think, and having revisited it now it hasn’t changed much but where it has changed it is for the better.

Simple to download, simple to use and gives great results. Works on all platforms (but check their
site first in case you are running early versions of Windows as you may need an earlier version of Audacity.

It really is simple to use, just connect yoour record player or cassette player (you didn’t throw them out did you?) via a suitable interface, usually line-in or microphone socket, start up Audacity then your device and the program captures the sound for you.

It handles multiple varities of audio inputs and has a multitude of formats into which they can be converted, you can edit, tweak… well, you know by now, the best thing to do is download it and play with it.

A great piece of software that has aged beautifully.

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