Oct 23


WordPress logoWordPress is an open source blog management system, used to write websites such as Emudir. It competes directly with online services such as Google’s Blogger (through WordPress.com) as well as being and open source platform that you can use to write your own website. It’s fairly easy to use, and even comes with its own visual editor, similar to Word, so that you don’t need to get involved in the nitty-gritty of HTML and CSS if you don’t want to – a plethora of available themes can make your site sparkle in seconds!

WordPress is overseen by a company called Automattic, and not only are they the guardians of WordPress’ development, they run the WordPress.com site – where you can sign up for your own WordPress-powered blog – as well as Akismet, a powerful comment-spam killer, and their own, easy-to-use statistics package. Best of all, these additional online services are free until you reach a certain level of blog income, allowing you to bring the money in before you start paying it out again.

You’re not just limited to the plugins Automattic provide, either. There’s also a huge community of plugin builders, building everything you might want – publish every post to Twitter, post your RSS feeds through Feedburner, create XML sitemaps for Google, Yahoo and Bing – with over 9,000 plugins at time of writing (and continually growing), whatever you want to do someone’s probably built a plugin for it already!

While Linux users will probably already have the necessary components (MySQL and PHP) installed with their Linux distribution, Windows users need not fret – Microsoft’s Web Platform Installer will do the job just as well, provided you have Windows XP Pro or later (although you can install it on XP Home, it does require some blatant trickery and a Windows 2000 CD).

And one last thing – what happens if you want to migrate away from WordPress? Well, there’s a standard XML import and export for that, so you know that whatever happens, you’ve always got the flexibility to move to another product in the future, should you ever wish to.

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