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Ah, Twitter. For some of us, Twitter is an indispensable communications tool, a lifeline for reaching out to friends new and old, business contacts, a good way to follow Emudir, find out the latest news from The Guardian or just chew the fat with like-minded fellow Twitter addicts. And while #newtwitter (as Twitter’s enhanced new interface is called) is great, probably Twitter’s greatest strength is how open it is to access from anywhere – your mobile, embedded in Facebook, and lots of third-party applications. And it’s in the last category that we find TweetDeck.

TweetDeck organises your Twitter life (although I should point out that it connects quite happily to Facebook and Google Buzz as well) into columns. You can add regularly updated columns for any search you choose to do (such as your own twitter @username, in order to see your mentions), run multiple accounts, even translate tweets into your own language, or translate them into a foreign language before you tweet them (especially useful for someone like me, where my language course doesn’t start until next Tuesday!)

If your computer can run Adobe Air (which is a runtime for standalone Flash applications, such as BBC’s iPlayer), you’ll be able to run TweetDeck. It’s pretty compact, and an easy installation – if Air’s already installed, just click a button and TweetDeck will do the rest, installing itself happily just like any other native application.

One of the benefits of TweetDeck is that you can still do “old-style retweets”. If you’re a recent Twitter convert, you probably won’t know this, but Twitter used to allow you to edit a re-tweet before sending it – so you can essentially re-tweet something, and reply to it, in a single tweet. Handy!

If you’ve never signed up to Twitter before, please do so. You can follow us on there (and we’d definitely recommend that), as well as celebrities such as Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher and Stephen Fry; news agencies such as CNN, BBC Global News and The Register, and even – if you dare – follow a zombie. Just try not to eat anyone’s brains, eh?

Tweetdeck is also available for the Android mobile phone, as well. It also has its own directory of great Twitter accounts to follow.

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