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From Adam Ant to Warren Zevon, they've got it all...

So you like music? Who doesn’t, and with your computer you can enjoy your own music whenever you want. Load up all your CDs to your hard drive and away you go. Fancy a change? That’s easy, just log on to the internet and practically every radio station in the world is available. But there are times you want to hear something new, or something you remember from yesteryear that you haven’t heard for ages. And you don’t want some DJ telling you what he thinks you want to hear.

That’s when you need Spofity.

It comes in three modes, Premium, Unlimited and Open.

Premium costs £9.99 per month and gives you the facility to listen to their over 10 million tracks on your computer, your mobile, Twitter and even offline. All without advertisements. Unlimited costs £4.99 a month and for this you get all the tracks and no ads. But we’re a free site, aren’t we and Spotify has a free mode (Open mode). Just register and you can have 20 hours each month of streaming music interrupted only occasionally by a short advertisement. 20 hours doesn’t seem like long, does it? But it is. We’re talking 20 hours of streaming music not just 20 hours on the site and that’s enough for approximately 300 to 350 songs! Remember too, that not only popular music is available. All the great classical composers are there, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, musicals, film scores, operas. Not much is left out and it’s being added to all the time.

It also has an “if you like this” type mode.

This is the perfect complement to your own audio files (did I mention it will play those as well?) as with the open version you can still access over 10 million tracks and new albums are loaded almost before they get into the shops. You can create, play and share playlists and there is even a facility to buy the tracks direct from the site.

I use the free version on my computer and I can access it from any other computer too, just need to remember your log-in and you’re there. I listen to the new albums and decide whether I like it enough to buy the whole thing or just the odd track.

To me, it’s the thing I would miss most if my computer went toes up. I recommend it and hope you like it.

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