Oct 25

Freecorder 4

Isn’t it annoying when you’re listening to something, really engrossed – and the phone rings? Or the doorbell? Of course, when your team just equalised as well – what bad timing! If only you could record it, and listen to the rest later…¬† that’s when you need Freecorder!

Currently at version 4, Freecorder installs a handy toolbar into your browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) which not only allows you to record whatever sound is playing, it also acts as a handy YouTube video downloader, and an internet TV and radio guide. The help section is pretty comprehensive, and the software looks and feels fairly slick in use.

Sound is automatically recorded to MP3, and a toolbar button allows you to change the quality settings. By default, quality is a fairly acceptable 128kb/s, which is roughly pre-recorded cassette audio quality (well, on my walkman, anyway), and this can be set up to 320kb/s (the highest MP3 can go, which is roughly lossless), or down to 32kb/s (good for speech and audio books – and when you’re running out of disk space!).

A word of warning, however: read all the setup carefully. FreeCorder is supported by a product called OpenCandy, which would like to install Google Chrome, and install some search enhancements, take over your homepage, and use FreeCorder to take over and “website not found” errors you may encounter. Fortunately, FreeCorder is polite enough to ask about this during installation, so it’s up to you how much control you want to give it.

The radio player doesn’t come pre-populated, but allows you to search for stations to add. There’s a huge list of stations in the search – a search for the BBC came up with at least 50 – so it’s much easier to use that way!

Freecorder comes recommended. There’s one or two caveats, sure, but otherwise, it’s a great way to listen to radio, watch TV, or capture sound when you need to.


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    Super post, tienen que marcarlo en Digg
    Have a nice day


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    Maisie Desmond

    Have you tried downloading youtube videos with freecorder yet? Here’s a youtube video that explains how to use it: Download Youtube

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      @Maisie – cheers. Nice one :)

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