Oct 29


CCleaner logoCCleaner is a useful little application that no computer should really be without. A system organiser with the added benefit of a registry cleaner it deletes temporary files from all the popular browsers, IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera and will also do the same to your installed software making your computer faster and more reliable.

What most people would consider it for, I suppose, is it’s ability to restore privacy to your internet surfing. Whether you are a philandering husband (or wife – no sexism here!), a testosterone fuelled adolescent or simply do not want anyone else to know your on line affairs (sorry!) then CCleaner really is a must.

It comes as a small file, taking mere seconds to download with a broadband connection (and not much longer with an old fashioned modem), is easy to install and once installed it runs like the wind taking no more than a couple of seconds to do it’s job. It has a very useful function in that it frees up your hard drive space by deleting all those bits that other programs leave behind (uninstallers, IDs, unused icons, invalid shortcuts and so on and on…) and in the process can lead to a significant increase in speed after it’s first use.

There is no spyware or adware hidden inside so all in all a nice little programme, easy to use, does exactly what it claims and it’s all free!

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